Software Testing as a Career for Both IT and Non IT Graduates

Software Testing Career Path

Software Testing as a Career for Both IT and Non IT Graduates


For an IT professional looking for a change in his or her career or a fresher who has just passed out of the college or even for someone who is not remotely connected to the IT world but wishing to kick-start his or her career in the same, opting for software testing as a career would be the right answer as it would not only be rewarding but even a life changing experience.

Kick starting your career in software testing is not something that needs to be feared as it only requires the right set of skills and certification. Having a positive frame of mind along with requisite training is all that is required; you would soon find yourself on the path to becoming a great software tester. The positive attitude from your side and the certification from our end is enough to enable you to begin the journey of software testing.

The detailed step by step guidelines provided below would throw light on what to expect in the field of software testing as a career when you plan to begin your career in the same:


Software Testing Career Path


Role of a Software Tester

Before opting for a career in software testing, it would be prudent to know what a software tester does. The routine activity of a software tester involves reviewing and understanding of the important documents, generation, and execution of test cases, to do re-test and report bugs, attend the meetings held for reviewing and perform test activities of User Acceptance.

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Understanding Software Testing

One of the essential qualities that distinguishes a great software tester from a mediocre one is his or her analytical skill , good oral and written communication, the technical knowledge he or she possess, the ability to manage time including organizational skill , passion to work, keen dedication and an interest to excel in the chosen field of software testing.

Though an academic background from the field of Computer Science is always welcome, a majority of software testing jobs in the modern scenario mandatorily requires an International Software Qualification Testing Board (ISQTB) Foundation Certificate as a minimum qualification to make an entry in the field of software testing.

Possessing a basic understanding of varied modules and methodologies such as the following is warranted along with thorough and in-depth knowledge of the different techniques.

  • Waterfall
  • Incremental and Agile Processes
  • V Model

How to equip oneself for the role of Software Tester?

This is a common question plaguing the mind of millions, desiring to make a career in the field of software testing. The answer to this is very simple. Try drafting your resume in a simple and easy to understand language and layout. This is enough to send the right message to your prospective employer to choose you as the perfect candidate for the position of software tester.

A good resume should include the following essential details about you.

  • Your contact details at the topmost corner of the page. This essentially means all details pertaining to you such as your Name, Telephone/Mobile number, and Residential address and last but not the least your email id.
  • Take care to draft a resume that is simple in its layout with easily readable fonts, bold headings and consistent formatting.
  • Summarize your strengths by listing it under the heading of Key Strengths by  using fonts or by creating a subheading under Career Profile.

Once having finished with the preparation of a resume, the next step is getting ready for a job interview. Most of the questions asked in the interview for the role of software testing are primarily to gauge your practical knowledge about software testing for which the industry training programs provided by MindKraftors (SQTL) is quite sufficient to land you with the job of your dreams in the field of software testing.

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